A final call/appeal in support of Ted Morton

I know everybody who might come across this blog is one of the following:
a) Already decided 102% in favour of the candidate they are about to elect as the PC leader on Saturday (and subsequent days)
b) Not an Alberta resident and therefore unable to vote for a candidate even if they wanted to
c) An Alberta resident who's read about the results and is finding this in the archives
d) "Great bit of blogging on your site! If you get a chance look at my site personal development" spammers

Nevertheless, I still feel its important I make a brief statement about Ted Morton.

Look, right now we seem to have it good. Harper isn't going to bring about the NEP, or reinstitute the Crow Rate, or give away the CF-18 fighter contract. But the Liberals are climbing in the polls, and eventually Ontarians are going to hand control of the nation right back to Bob Roe and the NDP.

You know what they'll do.

The question is going to be, who is going to stop them and how? Will Rona Ambrose, leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, be able to toss her hair and seduce enough Liberal MPs out of the chambers to stall big votes against Alberta interests? Will angry press conferences by James Rajotte and Rahim Jaffer stop the appeal of satisfying lib-left voters in Ontario and Quebec and pleasing liberal U.S. media outlets and CBC reporters-cum-Governor Generals? No. You want to know what will stop the carbon tax? What will put same-sex adoption in its tracks? What is guaranteed to shut down talk of a national daycare system or a federal pocketknife registry? Premier Ted Morton. Because Morton is willing and capable to do the things that all of the above cannot. The NDP backbencher given the Ministry of Public Safety portfolio might give the RCMP authority to arrest any WASPs in a pulpit denouncing sodomy, but Ted Morton will have already removed the federal cops from positions of authority. Huge tracts of Alberta's wealth may be fiated out of existance in the name of funding feminist youth camps for the Maritimes, but only Ted Morton has altered the income tax structure so that Alberta can withhold the cheques from Ottawa and nip those plans in the bud.

Jim Dinning won't do that. Ed Stelmach wouldn't even stand up to EPS. Lyle Oberg can't win a fight with the Alberta Teacher's Association, and Norris would be too bright-eyed and impressed that he's in power to actually use it. Hancock agrees far too much with the NDP in the first place, and if you'll excuse the offensive humour [if you won't excuse it, you're really on the wrong blog -ed] Gary McPherson doesn't have the legs for a fight like that.

Only Morton can stand up to Ottawa. Only Morton will stand up for Alberta. If you care about this province, you'll vote for Ted Morton. If not, get the fuck out.

Update, 3:45am: Turns out Morton may be in better shape than was first thought. This is encouraging.

Update, 5:34pm: My original post about Ed Stelmach might be worth a read. I've linked appropriately to it in the above rant.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, another blog about how Ted is the Messiah, or at least Moses. Gonna lead us to the promised land.

Look, the only way Ted can win is if everyone else stays home. Not likely to happen now. With the poll resulting showing - rightly or wrongly - Ted at #2 position, you are actually going to get people out to vote. People that don't want a Ted Morton presidency ... er, Premiership.

Anonymous said...


Anon - a second place showing on first ballot for Morton would be a great scenario. He'll overcome Dinning on the second ballot.

Time for real change!

Anonymous said...

Great post F&C. I'll link back. Just got back into the country of Alberta and am playing catch up.... ;-)