Belinda Stronach unavailable for comment...

Green groups mock Ambrose for her hair:
Spent more time at hairdresser's than climate change meetings: article

OTTAWA - Canadian environmental groups opposed to the federal government's clean air policies are under fire themselves for launching a "sexist and gratuitous" critique of Environment Minister Rona Ambrose, suggesting she spends more time on her hair than she does on the job.
Now on this one I have to say: tough cookies Ambrose, you got burned, burn them back. I defended MacKay against Stronach, and am now defending whichever misogynist tree huggers may exist in the country for slamming Ambrose. She does have pretty hair. It seems a fairly easy retort to make: "If you spent half as much time caring about X than caring about your hair, we could have the problem solved before Christmas". Then Ambrose says "if global warming was half as important as my hair, I'd have solved it three weeks ago" and everybody says "hear hear" for the side they agree with and scoffs at the remark of their opponent.

Of course, its easy for me to say this: I dont endless chatter on about how much I truely care for the planet or care about treating female politicians with respect or et cetra et cetra. The enviro-weenies might have a little time backing themselves out of the corner though.

(Okay, you don't buy it? I'll give you an easy analogy: who would be raked over the coals more for owning poofter porn? A Hollywood actor with a slight lisp in his voice and a rather effiminate way of walking, or a Senior Pastor at New Life Church who spoke about the evils of sodomy?)


croghan27 said...

Yo Third Edge:

With a: "Hollywood actor with a slight lisp in his voice and a rather effiminate way of walking" I thought you meant Humphry Bogart.

He seems to have been a rather jovial sort, not at all like the embittered "Rick" of Casablanca.

All three played things there were not ... Boggy and Harris (I had to go to the link to get his name)in their profession and the good Reverend Harris in his life.

I have never heard anyone condemn him (Harris) for sodomy, buggery or just orientation - I HAVE heard him, deservidly, trashed for condemning that which he practiced.