EPS Corrupt? Who doesn't believe it now?

I was planning on writing a little blurb I'd been thinking about based on several facts, including my revelation a couple of months ago indicating that Edmonton Police Services is perhaps 100% made up of corrupt members.

I was about to base this on several additional new pieces of information. For one, 630 CHED reporter Byron Christopher has had a ruling in his favour requiring EPS to reveal how many times (and which officers) his name was inappropriately ran through police computer databases. For another, the cop who got sexually aroused beating up a 20 year old girl will get off with no charges laid.

What I didn't expect to find when I got home on Sunday was that there is a new complaint: Charged Russian women claim they were roughed up by a city police officer:

Two Russian immigrant women claim the treatment they received at the hands of an Edmonton cop last year was at a level of police tactics unheard of in Russia.

"Things like that would never happen in Russia, never. A Russian police officer who respects himself will never beat up a woman," said Alexandra Andruchow, 36.

Andruchow and her friend Lioubov Sivashova, 30, face charges of assaulting a peace officer in a melee at the Polish Hall on Oct. 30, 2005.

Their defence lawyer Tom Engel argues his clients are the ones who were assaulted - by a police officer - and he is applying to have the case thrown out. He says the women's charter rights were violated during their arrest and detention.
Worse than the corrupt police in Moscow! This just goes on and on!

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WomanHonorThyself said...

wowza FC..This is news to me...what on earth accounts for it?..Who's in the po-leeeeeeeece force anyway?