My favourite episode was when Vanessa Damphousse met a Vorlon

This is an old controversy, but an odd one: if you buy the complete series DVD for Space:Above and Beyond, Babylon 5 is shown in main menu on each of the discs.

But B5 is a Warner Brothers property, while SAAB is Fox. This seems like quite the bizzare "theft", especially since the Saratoga doesn't merit an appearance on the menus.

I was browsing through it in the possible hunt for Christmas gifts. SAAB only ran a season, borrowed heavily on ship designs from Star Wars, and didn't get a finale episode. But it did feature a man wanting to die listening to Johnny Cash, and actually had a centre-right mindset to it (which drives many reviewers nuts, disgusted as they are to have to endure a moment on prime time television that falls on the spectrum somewhere to the right of Jodie Foster). If I ever got the chance to be a showrunner, the first thing I'd try is something with a political bent that I could finally get behind. Dunno who I'd cast in liberal Hollyweird, but Kelsey Grammar and Senator Fred Thompson would at least be willing to guest star...