Taking a bit of a political break, I figured why not share a few YouTube videos of interest:

Apparently some Canadian culture mockumentary came out last May. The Oilers were en route to the Cup, so understandably we missed this one:

A clip from the 2006 Grey Cup (taken by a cameraphone):

The "Call Me Al" music video back before Chevy Chase and Paul Simon became totally washed up SNL parodies of themselves (doubly ironic in Chase's case):

The song sucks, but the ass is hot, so you'll sit and watch the whole thing. I know you will. Because I sure did:

Speaking of hot ass, Avril Lavigne in a MAD TV sketch about sex-ed:

Clips from the Corner Gas pilot, just because Dust My Broom has a Corner Gas post up that I might link to later:

Finally, Babylon 5 war clips done to music from The Matrix: