Albertans just love to Party

ABFreedom has posted a lengthy reader letter about the Conservatives announcement that they would tax income trusts in violation of their election promise. (Tim at TABaker disagrees: "The taxing of income trusts was going to happen, it was a very unfair tax loop hole for corpoarations and it was going to be closed now, or in the near future. Harper has done the right thing and in the next few months everyone will see that this will effect very few")

At the end of it the writer, one Alan Clark (doesn't ring a bell from the political circles I've travelled, though I imagine my real name wouldn't ring a bell in them too much either, nor would my blog identity but that's beside the point) proposes...drum roll please:

(drum roll)



The Party of Albertans

Yes, that's right, another political party. Forgive me if I hit another sound effect: Gong. Gong.

Another political party, eh? Sounds like a blast. Haven't we been down this round before, once or maybe twice? Let's see. There's the Western Canada Concept, the Reform Party, the Canadian Alliance, the Alberta Alliance, the Independence Party of Alberta, Separation Party of Alberta, Alberta First Party, Alberta Independence Party, Confederation of Regions Party, the Mormon-free-offshoot Social Credit Party, the reintegrated Social Credit Party, the Conservative Party of Canada, Heritage Party of Alberta, and am I missing any? I think we've maybe exhausted the party option, unless the ultimate goal of right-leaning Alberta Separatists is to win total legislative supremacy by filling the vacancy created when the Chief Electoral Officer in the province gets so frustrated by processing multiple petitions and membership applications that he jumps out of his office window (which is somewhat hard, since Google Maps seems to indicate its a one, maybe a two storey building).

I love a good party as much as the next guy [assuming "the next guy" is Harold Macmillan -- and no, I don't have a clue what that means -ed], but count me out of this one. Unless it has lots of alcohol. And hot girls to dance with. And a hot dog stand in front of the bar like they have at King's Knight Pub.