A wasted photo opportunity

One of the tragedies of anonymous blogging besides being unable to repost letters that the newspapers actually publish (though only happening twice so far this year) is that there is no photo, there is no visual representation of who one is reading about.

Fancy abstract graphics that try to show the personality is fine and dandy, and I know of a few blogger who use this: Tim Dormain of The Black Kettle for example, or Woman Honor Thyself's Angel. But people respond well to a human face, ideally photographic rather than cartoonish.

So I had a great idea. I would combine the two divergent personalities that make up my blogger identity and use software to combine the faces into one single face. If Conan O'Brien can do it to show what Bennifer 1's kids will look like, why can't I?

The quick answer is that such software costs money, and its silly to spend cash for a single gag. I had downloaded Morpheus, but it neglected to inform me I was only permitted to create 3 files, by which point I was done playing and ready to get serious.

Abrosoft FantaMorph is another such program, with a 30 day trial period. The two problems are that there is a "trial" watermark over the graphics, and that its unable to get anything down to the <50kb limit imposed by Blogger.