Quebecois are a really pathetic nation within a nation

Over at the Western Standard Shotgun blog, Terry O'Neill writes "My thinking has been evolving on this subject, but it's hard for me to get too worked up about Stephen Harper's recognition of the Quebecois "nation" within Canada." There are (so far) 73 comments to the thread, but by far the most unintentionally comical comes from so-called Quebec separatist (and terrorist-appearing Frog apologist) Marc, when at 7:21:57 on November 23rd he wrote:

Mr. Macleod,

I'm wondering if the book from Mr. Parkman also talks about the fact that those Canadian Westerners forefathers were just a bunch of coward Brits who fled in the woods (West) to escape the American Independence War...?
Nah, of course not.

Hey! How's everybody tonight??!

Of course we are a NATION. We're much more than that. We're the reason why Canada is looking so charming and “in advance» into the eyes of the World.
*We are*
-Maurice Richard (and the rest of the list…)
-René Lévesque
-Georges-Henri Lévesque
-Gilles Villeneuve (and Jacques)
-Armand Bombardier
-Bernard Lemaire
-Guy Laliberté
-Celine (it’s crap, but still)
-Charles Binamé
-Leonard Cohen
-Émile Nelligan
-Félix Leclair
-Jacques Lemaire
-Lucie Laurier
-Pascale Bussières
-Denys Arcand
-André Chagnon
-Daniel Langlois
-John Molson
-The Bronfman Family
-Éric Lucas
-Martin Bouchard
-Marc-Aurèle Fortin
-Jean Drapeau
-Serge Godin
-Robert Charlebois
-Jean Leloup
-Gilles Groulx
-Claude Jutras
-Oliver Jones
-Oscar Emmanuel Peterson
-frère Marie-Victorin
-DJ Champion
-Norman Laprise
-Hubert Reeves
-Gerald Bull (most of his prolific period)
-Louis-Joseph Papineau
-Pierre Perrault & Norman McLaren
-Geneviève Cadieux
-Louis Cyr
-Broue, the Piece (…not the habit)
-Mtl International Jazz Festival
-Le Festival “Juste pour rire” (+ your version…)
-A Worldwide example for performance in telecommunications.
-A Worldwide example in Multimedia.

Etc… etc…

I mean, if some of those pals and expertises right here cannot help you figuring out and accept WHY *Quebec* is such a special and distinct place; totally disconnect from a BIG part of ol’Canada…Well…then don’t…
You, not being proud of that shit up there, is about 75% of reasons why Quebec is slowly, but surely getting out of the big house…
Anyways, Quebec never looks into the eyes of their fellow Canadians for a gentle tap on the back.
What can I say? …Others around the world do understand the beauty of our specific culture and most important: we know how much we’re talented.
So, if Canada’s split up tomorrow because people are tired of this failing system “la Confederation”…well, I’ll stick with those guys up here + the “MINORITY” of 50% of Independentists. (nice twist man) who’s already fed up with our “brothers in laws”.
With the occasional exception [and did you notice he curiously omits Mark Steyn? -ed], this is not a list you would think to be proud of. It certainly does not make the nation of such citizens "charming". A better word would be annoying (as the classic David Letterman Top Ten List once said). Of course, Quebekers take pride in this sort of thing. It can't be easy when your proudest national moment was having your collective asses kicked by a small contingent of British Marines.