The more things change, the creepier the similarities become

Atheling2 at The Pugil Stick tells us the story of how George Bush, a devout Christian, warns us about the dangers of Islam. He also recounts how America was fighting for Christian values in the wake of a deadly attack on September 11th, how the media was biased towards the Muslim hordes, and how Germany/France/Italy was quietly allied against American interests. In the end, America backed down based on its need for the resources from the Arab world, and Christianity suffered as a result.

Sounds boring enough, I hear you say. It doesn't even mention Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Osama bin Laden. Well, it shouldn't. It's not George Walker Bush, but Reverend George Bush (W.'s first cousin five times removed) who made the quoted statements. The Christians in our story were Greek and the Muslims were Turks, the journalist was worried that airing an anti-Turk story would "queer [him] at Constantinople", and the economics had nothing to do with oil (some queer black substance that rose from the ground and was impossible to clean) but rather with a construction of infrastructure (particularly railways).