Dear Sonic 102.9 CityTV....

To whom it may concern,

Earlier this week I watched Star Trek: Voyager's series finale Endgame on your television station.

Today, I tune into CityTV to discover part two of Caretaker, the series premiere. Are you kidding me? This is what, the third or fourth time you've played the entire Voyager series back to back. I see that Toronto's CityTV is playing Ferengi Love Songs today: hardly the best episode of the series, but 14 weekdays ago Torontonians were watching the acclaimed Trials and Tribble-ations while we in Edmonton were stuck agonizing through Prophecy, where a bunch of 23rd century Klingons believe B'Elanna is their messiah (and have a D7 that can fire when cloaked, and a cloaking device that can thwart Voyager's sensors).

Is this some sort of sick joke? Is there some particular reason that you are sticking with back-to-back-to-back Voyager when the far more compelling Deep Space Nine is repeated over and over again in T.O.? Doesn't anybody remember how The Next Generation was actually, you know, popular? (DS9 had its critics and its fans as ell, it was quite the polarizing series). Does anybody at CHUM also realize that you already have the rights to Star Trek: Enterprise and that it is in fact the newest of the spin-off series? Why are we watching the 1995-2002 show ad nauseum?

Sincerely yours,
Some guy who rarely watches you, won't give
his real name, and isn't a fan of Enterprise either