Just in time for Christmas, London shows itself to be disgustingly Green and Red

"Social Activist" (read: Communist nutbar) Glen Pearson won the London byelection today, and in second place was "Courageous Green Party Leader" (read: Communist nutbar who doesn't bathe)

Can we finally just give up on this bullshit "Canada" nonsense and separate now please? The worst that can happen is civil war, and at this precise moment I would not shed a tear if we carpet bombed the entire useless province of Ontario with tactical nukes.

Not that it can even happen, mind you. I've quickly run the numbers. The Americans' nuclear supply is pretty limited. American Mk-61s, the Mod-11 being the most powerful, can produce a 7.5km thermal radiation radius (and for those weak in the mathematics department, 177 square kilometres). With 1076395 square kilometres in the province, it would take at minimum 6091 such bombs to obliterate those Liberal-voting morons. Problem is that the U.S. nuclear arsenal only has about 20 of those bad boys. The total US stockpile is actually sad and rather pathetic. I don't think they could turn Ontario into a barren waste if they wanted to. What kind of "Great Satan" outfit are they running down there anyways?

Update, 11:23pm: I had completely forgotten about this, but if the Quebec question was helping Morton last week, this byelection might (if used properly... you listening guys?) help Morton assume the Premiership this week.