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Now that its November, the two Halloween posts can "unstick". Here is some of the content you might have been missing had you not gone below the two (lengthy) static posts (the quotes are mere samples...click the links to read the full story):

I wonder if it was related to the murder of Vernando Stobbs:

Former boxer Trevor Berbick, who twice was Canadian Heavyweight Champion, was murdered in his home country of Jamaica late last week.

Mathematics: All about not blowing glass and water all over the laboratory:
Just for fun, here's the scientific paper where Alejandro Jenkins from the California Institute of Technology solved Richard Feynman's "reverse sprinkler" problem.

Endgame for a series that takes it up the end
With Star Trek: Voyager's final episode on CityTV today, this is a good time to bring up Bozo the Proctologist's review of that same episode:
A genuinely interesting premise who's shoddy execution falls apart at the end - what could be more appropriate for the "Voyager" finale?

The Totally Unforseen Shocking Unpredictable Surprise Revelation - Calgary gun amnesty edition:
Now we have fallible officers handling valuable property which nobody is going to miss, and then its a shock -- a complete surprise -- to learn at the end of the day some officers have been stealing the guns and keeping them for themselves.

Colder than a whatnow?:
Seeing how its Halloween, and its -5 Celcius outside, its a good time to: Give the history behind the phrase "colder than a witch's tit"