I'm going to invent the internet neutron bomb

If there was just one URL one could completely abolish from the face of the earth forever, I think at the moment a good nominee would be the Rabble.ca messageboard about the U.S. elections that were held yesterday.

So I'm watching CNN coverage of the midterms, and the two hosts are wearing red. Paula Zahn is wearing a black sweater and bright red skirt, and the guy next to her (sorry, don't watch CNN enough to recognize him) is wearing a red tie and a black suit.

Maybe I'm being oversensitive, but it seems to me that this is a pretty blatant partisan statement, especially since they're showing all sorts of pie graphs and charts with bright red and blue portions for Republicans and Democrats.

I mean, heck, we know that CNN is part of the Republican machine, but you'd think they'd at least make a pretence of balance.
And then they get just loony...