The BCTF has sued Google over an anonymous blog -- gulp!

Dust My Broom tells the tale that the B.C. Teachers Federation, angry over defamatory images, has sued Google for allowing an anoymous B.C. blogger to post unimpeded.

Wow, that sounds serious. What defamatory images? It turns out to mostly be a collection of obviously photoshopped images. Dust My Broom highlights an old graphic featuring BCTF President Jinny Sims executing Big Bird from Sesame Street. Other examples are Sims's face/body on a Soprano's style movie poster, Sims staring angrily as a Big Brother figure in the offices of a B.C. science teacher, and Sims wearing an "I Hate Kids" button.

On the bright side, the blog is fighting back. And by fighting back, I mean having Sesame Street characters do it for them.

Hopefully people across British Columbia will take action to let Sims know how they feel. After all:

When the TeachingNazis came for the anonymous bloggers,
I remained silent;
For I include my full real name on my Blogger profile...


K. Restoule said...

I'm looking forward to Google crushing them. I am a slave to Google after all. All praise the mighty Google.