Two thoughts that are the same on two nations that are the same

Mike Jenkinson of the Edmonton SUN has a new post up about the Harper announcement.

And then coming out of a massive dry spell, Lorne Gunter of the National Post is back, writing about the decision.

Canada may be on the verge of a revival of Mulroney-era doublespeak on Quebec. Remember how Brian Mulroney tried to have it both ways on the Meech Lake and Charlottetown accords? He and his francophone ministers would assure Quebecers that federal pronouncements were the fulfilment of all their cultural and constitutional aspirations. Meanwhile, Canadians in the rest of the country were reassured just as fervently that those same pronouncements would do nothing to upset Confederation's balance.

In the coming weeks, as they fan out across the country and try to defend Prime Minister Stephen Harper's decision to ask that Quebec be designated a nation within a nation, Conservative MPs will no doubt point out that Harper has not proposed making Quebec "a nation within Canada," but rather recognizing the Quebecois -- Quebecers themselves -- as a nation.

Frankly, this is a distinction without a difference. It is impossible to confer nationhood on Quebecers without also conferring it on the province that is their home within Confederation.
Note that I recently solved this mystery.

This Morton thing is picking up steam. Calgary Grit and Eugene Plawiuk are both excited that Morton might resurge the Alberta Liberals [maybe if they got Ralph Klein as their leader? -ed].

I'm just excited that somebody thought to make JimDinning.com.
The Alberta Toronto is Ready For

Dear Liberals,

You may know me as a Tory but trust me, I am your best friend in Alberta.

I've given money to Paul Martin, worked my ass off for former Alberta Liberal leader Nancy Macbeth, forced Ralph Klein to quit early and am doing everything I can to keep an actual conservative from becoming the next leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta.

That is why I am asking you to support my campaign. Buy a membership, donate money, attack any of the other candidates in the media. And you will get "The Alberta - Toronto is Ready For"


Jim Dinning
(I've also done a small update to this Appeal of Support for Ted Morton)