When Wikipedia becomes obsolete...

Check out the Uncyclopedia entry on Afghanistan:

Afghanistan is a country located in Central Asia and in the Middle East, serving as a vital bridge between “nations that like to blow themselves up” and “nations that nobody really cares about.” It is considered the roach motel of nations. Nations check in, but they don’t check out.

Last night I had a fairly lengthy entry that was stalled by a computer crash. Namely, I was upset that only invited SomethingAwful.com members (which may or may not include my brother) are allowed to make additions/changes to the Sports Argument Wiki, which features amoung many other items amazingly accurate articles on Hazel Mae ("fantastic rack"), Domestic Violence ("Related: Patrick Roy"), Joe Morgan ("Filled with pathological hatred for Moneyball, a book he has never read. Believes sincerely that Billy Beane wrote the book about himself."), and a song about Fernando Pisani. Also includes such classic categories as "I know this is hard to believe but players who won a Stanley Cup with the Calgary Flames and not the Toronto Maple Leafs", "Not Defencemen Who Haven't Played For The Canucks", and "Black Catchers".

Categories I'd be tempted to add include the oft-discussed at the bar Players who left Edmonton and immediately started to suck which would include Petr Nedved, Anson Carter, Mike York, Jannie Niinima, and possibly Wayne Gretzky. Others such as Mike Comrie, Mike Grier, Jari Kuri, Curtis Joseph, and Doug Weight could probably be added to this list in the future.

SAS articles on the Instigator Rule, the CFL, Designated Hitter, and New York Yankees are possibly more insightful and accurate than the actual Wikipedia entries.

Bonus SAS article: Mr. Lauren Pronger