Stephen Harper agrees to a meeting with Jack Layton

This is from a couple of days ago:PM, Layton to negotiate over clean-air legislation:

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Jack Layton are scheduled to meet today to try to find common ground over the Conservative government's controversial environmental legislation, as political parties jockey in the run-up to what many believe will be a spring election.
A meeting with Jack Layton? Don't do it Steve! Don't go for a meeting with Jack Layton! That's a bad idea. All I could think about when I heard that Harper had agreed to a meeting was that this has happened before...

And the results were not pretty.

So what happened this time?
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has agreed to send the government’s ‘Clean Air Act‘ to an all-party committee for review, before its second reading, after Tuesday’s 25 minute meeting with NDP leader Jack Layton at the PMO.
Meanwhile, NDP Leader Jack Layton said he was disappointed after meeting with the prime minister about the NDP plan to deal with climate change, and has not ruled out introducing a no-confidence motion to topple the government. Again, does this sound familiar?