I had such an impressive Morton post up you missed the new stuff

As always on Third Edge of the Sword I followup a sticky post (in this case, this preview of the PC Leadership race that really was good, even though nobody commented on it) with a little post hinting at what you missed. This wasn't like the Halloween posts, where there was so much sticky that it was easy to lose the new, but just in case:

Harper and the Great Reform Act of 1832 (originally posted 1:53pm on November 25)

Steve Janke (on his recently highly streamlined blog) writes about Stephen Harper's push to reform the Constitution in ways that don't have anything precisely to do with Quebec. Namely, he's thinking about limiting federal government powers in areas of provincial responsibility.

A Tale of Two AlbertaBlogs (originally posted 2:37pm on November 25)
The Prairie Wranglers blog has recently been nominated as "Best Conservative Blog" in the "Canadian Blog Awards".

This is the first year that Wrangler has been online (and therefore qualified) for the awards.

There's another blog out there that is also in its first year and has therefore qualified for the awards for the first time. Yet no nomination.

Bonus additional content: The Serenity quiz alluded to in this post about Neo-Cons has been linked to.