When I was your age, the Uniform Resource Locator said something about the page you visited

Matt (the Calgary fan, one should note) at Battle of Alberta has linked to a column on About.com about the fundraising to pay Mac T's fine efforts.. The original article, by About.com hockey blogger Jamie Fitzpatrick, can be found here.

You know, back once upon a time, when the interweb was young, About.com was for pages that told you about something. I guess with wikipedia filling their void (speaking of which, here's the wikipedia entry on about.com) they had to branch out into areas where their credibility could take 63,391 hits or something.

It all fell apart, sez Wikipedia, after the dot-com bubble burst. I remember in '99 or so, the big push for people to become expert Guides on topics. I was even in negotiations for a brief time period about being the right-wing Alberta politics Guide, but (wisely, it seems) abandoned that. It seems I would have been one of the people class-action-suiting the company a couple years later.


ABFreedom said...

Ouch... that would have been messy ... especially with it going on so long.

Sure do long for the days of BBS again, things took so much longer to happen back then ... sigh..