Day Break Episode 3 mini-review

Well, I'm not from BC or anything, the reason this review is a couple hours late is because I had a food-related emergency and had to tape Day Break while I scrubbed a pot and learned that its actually possible to burn Kraft Dinner.

Anyways, onto the episode. When we left last time, Andrea had a dead guy at the bottom of her balcony. Today, things shift into high gear. The answered questions:

  1. The "dead" guy's name is Eddie, Hopper's former-former partner (how many does he have, anyways? Eddie is a drug user who Hopper got kicked off the force, who was sleeping with Andrea, and whose habit was the reason Andrea was in trouble with Internal Affairs
  2. There was a 2nd package, and Hopper's sister got it: a photo of an old police investigation that involved Hopper's father and Eddie (in Eddie's first ever case)
  3. The BMW guys have been able to always find Hopper/Rita/Jennifer thanks to GPS units secretly attached to the undersides of their cars.
  4. Solving the complaint I had in the previous Day Break post, Hopper has a limited ability to affect people into the next day: Andrea's near-death experience made her re-evaluate her life the 'next' morning, calling Hopper at 6:30am, getting Eddie into rehab, and coming clean to Internal Affairs

And of course, unanswered questions:
  1. Is Jennifer's husband Randall (played by seaQuest alumni Don Franklin) involved with the BMW guys?
  2. Why was the second package sent to Jennifer? Who called Jennifer the night before Hopper's longest day to tell her/threaten her about the package? Did they try calling Hopper too?
  3. How did Quarry Guy know about Hopper's mad rush of phone calls? Did they anticipate Hopper getting the case # of the Jane Doe and have people in place for when they started asking questions?
  4. The Dodger fan in the bar raises the question if there are other people similarly trapped in this day.
  5. How much influence can Hopper have on the previous day? Is the effect multiplied with each "new" morning, or does it spike the first morning and start to taper off?
    Does this "temporal emotional memory" have any dangerous side effects if/when it starts influencing BMW guys?
  6. Who's fingerprint is on the hourglass? Probably Garza's assistant.
  7. What would have happened had Hopper not helped Andrea and waited for Quarry Guy? Was the guy in the grey jacket and the newspaper one of his men?
  8. How does Eddie and Hopper Sr.'s old case tie in with the BMW guys, the Latin Disciples, and the conspiracy?
  9. What does Chad know Internal Affairs pulling that old file photo that Garza sent Hopper's sister? What else does Chad know? For somebody who isn't supposed to know Hopper is being framed yet, he sure does try hard to get Hopper inside police headquarters.

A great moment was the scene in the last unanswered question, where Chad is snidely asking Harper what else he can do to be of service: "Walk your dog? Wash your car? Maybe you want to sleep with my ex-wife? Oh, wait..." It reminds me of Jayne explaining to Simon in the Firefly episode "Bushwacked" about space garbage, ending with the tone "hey now, that would be a bit like you and your sister now, wouldn't it?"