Will the Muslims be handcuffed and their faces beaten for wearing anti-authority t-shirts too?

Police probe pork found outside Edmonton mosque says the Edmonton Journal today:

EDMONTON - Police in Edmonton are investigating a hate crime that targeted a mosque in the city's north end last week.

Scraps of pig meat were left at the doorstep and front windows of the Canadian Islamic Centre sometime after 1 a.m. on November 1, before members arrived for 5 a.m. prayers.

The centre's president, Khalid Tarabain, called the incident a great concern for community members, who have seen windows broken and eggs thrown at the centre in the past.

"Muslims don't eat pork, it's forbidden. It's a religious thing," he said. "It's not a vandalism or anything, it has a meaning."
Another high-quality investigation for EPS, of course.

I am reminded of something a wise man once wrote...
As these inexcusable actions and tactics continue, more and more people are going to come to the same conclusion that EPS does not deserve the benefit of the doubt in any situation that may arise, and the police ability to investigate actual crimes -- if by chance any members of the force still happen to do that (the last police invesigation I heard about was trying to track down somebody who had hung posters saying unpopular political opinions about homosexuals) -- will suffer as a result.
That wise man, of course, was me: I do know a person who is involved in EPS, and was bragging about their massive undercover work to try to catch the guy who was hanging posters around Edmonton using biblical arguments against pederasts. How massive? At least five actual undercover officers along with at least another 5-10 support staff. I mean, sure there were a record number of murders last year, and musicians having to track down their own stolen property, so naturally pork at a mosque and anti-poofter signs are where the attention really needs to be devoted to.


ABFreedom said...

Yes, but with the current judicial system, that seems to be the only areas where they can get solid 100% convictions ... can't seem to put a murderer away for life .... now that's sad...

ABFreedom said...

P.S. - that pork idea is a good one ... hmmmmm .. LOL

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Well on the bright side, for every hour EPS spends with 5 officers fingerprinting bacon, the real pigs have one less available hour to accept kickbacks and bribes and arrest people for enjoying themselves.