Post-PPV Suckfest response

Edmonton loses 3-2 in OT.

From Battle of Alberta:

They should've known Hemsky bruised like a peach!
Oh and the post-glory Pronger conference. Gag.

I almost saw spots from the rage.

From TSN.ca:
Message to Kevin Lowe....... FIRE THE COACHING STAFF NOW. With all due respect for the guys behind the bench its time for a reality check. As a long time Oilers fan I will say that this team as a whole has no life, no fire and no passion - tonight they looked scared and never attacked. Where is the speed? Where is the banging? Where are the scoring chances???? As they stand now, this team will never beat top level teams unless luck is involved and I dont want to rely on luck all the time. Lets make some changes before its too late! GO OILERS!!!!
Uh, no one want to fight or hit Pronger? Since they hate him so much, why not hurt him? Good for the Ducks and too bad for Oilers. Get used to it.

(Oiler fan Mudcrutch also has a recent Pronger post I missed)

In other hockey news, I've started making a surge of moves in our fantasy hockey pool: today I dropped Mike Richards (C), Francois Beauchemin (D), Kyle Calder (LW), and Anson Carter (RW) in favour of picking up Kristian Huselius (LW,RW), Chris Simon (LW), Stephane Robidas (D), and Todd White (C). Also decided to put Brian Gionta (RW) out as tradebait. The time of ignoring my fantasy hockey team is coming to a middle...


ABFreedom said...

One of these days I'm gonna have to watch a game again. Haven't watched one for over 10 years...