The day I had to get my buddy out of jail

The Battle of Alberta has its Edmonton vs. Anaheim gameday post up.

Let the bashing begin. Damn you (Chris Pronger/Al Strachen/Lauren Pronger/Christie Chorley/Dantes' Waitress/Mike Comrie)! Damn you all to hell!

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So why the post title? Because of this line on a post on the message board of our fantasy hockey league:

game will be a gong show, I think some on is going to jump onto the ice and assult pronger
To which I replied:
I'm off on Wednesday, so you can give me a call if you need somebody to come down to the Law Courts and bail you out.

(from Mr. Lauren Pronger at the SAS Wiki):
Chris Dillhole Pronger is 4'6", and his nickname is faggot. He was named to the Cocksucking All-Star team as he is one of the best cocksuckers in the league. In 1999-2000, he was named Gay Pride Parade Marshall. He and his bitch wife Lauren (aka Yoko) have two bastard kids. He has received many dildo's in the arse, and is considered one of the top vaginas in the league. Also, 4 out of 5 dentists recommend that Chris Pronger should cry like a school girl bitch. Oh, and he smells.

Update, 10:21am: Earl Sleek at the Battle of California has added an important open letter to Edmonton fans that is certainly worth a read. It has been added to the list of Pronger posts for easy reference.