Money, cash, moola, деньг, geld, χρήματα, гроші, dinero

With payday coming up, I was shocked and thrilled to see that at after rent/car/etc was taken away I'd have money. Not a lot of money mind you, but more than zero. A couple three hundred bucks, enough to, if not live the high life, at the minimum be capable of enjoying some Strongbow at home and maybe going out to see several bars featuring mostly-naked dancing women.

Ahh, to have money again. I stress this isn't a sizeable chunk of cash, and probably should go into savings, but its nice to know it exists. Ahh, everything seemed to be coming up roses.

Oh wait, what month is it again? Oh bloody hell!

Time to forget about having money. The gift-buying season is upon us. Thank God Bianca Amor and her litigious competitors are trying to help us out. [A Liquidation Supercentre ad I saw today reads that they are selling 15-item sword collections for $99 under the promotion that you can buy for 15 people on your list for under $100]

Still, its sad to know that just when I think I've finally got money, I really don't.