Day Break Episode 2 (3) mini-review

Hey, I figured I'd post a little bit about Day Break, which had a new episode air on Wednesday night.

It's the first episode after the pilot, but the pilot was really 2 episodes just aired at once, so this is Episode 3 but actually the second one. Got it?

Anyways, this is an episode which started answering some questions, and bringing up other ones. First the answered questions:

  1. Garcia sold out the informant in the safe house
  2. The two guys in the BMW(?) got a hold of Garcia two days earlier and convinced him to sell out Damien
  3. The package is nothing but a miniature hourglass
  4. Garza's assistant sent the hourglass at his request, and she's involved sexually with Garcia

Now for the new questions:
  1. Who did Andrea kill at the end of the episode?
  2. What's the big deal with the hourglass?
    Did Garza have anything to do with the timeshifts? Is this the best clue he could give?
  3. How did the BMW guys manage to track down which car had Hopper and Garcia in the trunk? Are they in league with Damien or something?
  4. Why was (apparently) no attempt on Rita's life made by the BMW guys in this episode?
  5. Why was no effort made to kidnap Hopper and take him to the abandoned quarry? He didn't make himself hard to find on either of the 2 days shown in the episode.
  6. What's Rita's big traffic secret that only Chad knows about?

Now for a bit of a nitpick. On the first of the 2 days shown in this episode, Hopper sticks a gun into Chad's back and goes on the run from the hospital (after spending the morning acting totally out of character and weirding Rita out by demanding she avoid a trauma scene). From Rita's point of view, Hopper is totally weird and out of control and dangerous. When Chad gives her a ride home, he offers to sleep on the couch as an added level of protection, which she graciously turns down. Now on the 2nd day, Hopper saves her precious family heirloom. He talks to her about his personal problems, gives her a kiss and leaves on great terms. From Rita's point of view, Hopper is a much more genuine and agreeable person. Yet now, apparently, she changes her mind about the couch sleeping? That makes no sense. Sure its painful for Hopper to watch her get "closer" to him day after day, but if there was any night she would have had him sleep on her couch it should have been day one, not day two! Seems sloppy.