More uncyclopedia fun

While the articles on Debian Linux and Julius Caesar are good, the highlight of my day has to be the entry on the CBC (despite not referring to the "Calgary Bubblegum Company" or the "Communist Broadcasting Corporation").

For one, just look at the shows the CBC would include if only this were true:
- Handyman's Corner (Cooking with Red Green)
- The GNational (with Gnowlton Gnash)
- Two Four (a Canadian 24, but with Donald Sutherland's kid drinking a flat of beer in real time)
- An Asian in Winnipeg
- The Littlest Hobo Versus The Beachcombers
- The Naked Adventures of Relic
- Degrassi: Deep Space 9
- SCTV (Sexy Canadian Tits and Vaginas)
- Rogers Sportsnet Presents Brian Williams on CBC (now on CTV)
- Corner Gascombers (stolen from CTV, but with clips of Bruno Gerussi spliced in place of Brent Butt)
- Canadians Think They are Smarter than You (formerly broadcasted as 'Talking to Americans')
- Fred Penner's Place (Original title: Creepy Guy w/Guitar)

Also anything that can slam that sodomist bastard Rick Mercer can't go wrong.

I also think it would be fun to write an Unyclopedia entry on Svend Robinson:

Svend has been a longtime activist, protesting illegal forrestation, the high price of "bling bling", and anti-smoking bylaws. While he hasn't smoked a cigarette in years, he is a regular smoker of six inch long tightly packed hand-rolled 15 year old Cubans. Svend's smoking crusade got him a meeting with the Queen Queen in 2001 when he fought Britain's tough smoking crackdowns with the impassioned documentary aired on BBC34 entitled "Why Won't You Let Me Bum a Fag?"