Over at PJ Media Stacey Lennox is laughing at the claim that Biden's recent assault accuser is a Republican plant.

Republicans in particular and conservatives in general should be thankful to Tara Reade (formerly Tara Moulton and formerly-formerly Alexandra Tara McCabe). She has helped expose the massive #MeToo hypocrisy: namely that it turns out in the tradeoff between #BelieveAllWoman and #Trump2020 the rape victim needs to be kicked to the curb for the greater good. Her accusations against Biden drive a wedge between the feminist and realpolitik wings of the Democrat Party and decrease the likelihood [changed from "extinguish the possibility" to "decrease the likelihood" I'm afraid... -ed] that the next wild accusation against a Republican will carry much weight with the general public [changed from "maintstream media and general public alike" I'm afraid... -ed]. Biden, already a candidate with a lot of weak spots, has added one more that will still hang around his neck until his final breath (or, of more particular concern, November).

Tara Reade has had to face off, unlike some other recent assault accusers, of an attack by her supposed allies and the mainstream media. Her claims go back decades with corroborating evidence, tie in general with the behaviour (even post-#MeToo) of Joe Biden, and are serious enough that should disqualify him from the party's nomination. So here's the thing...

I don't believe a single fucking word the lying bitch is saying.

I suppose you can call me the anti-Rose McGowan (unless you're the real Rose McGowan, in which case you can just call me). She believes the stories of Julie Swetnick, Judy Munro-Leighton, Christine Blasey Ford, E. Jean Carroll, Jessica Leeds, Kristin Anderson, Jill Harth, Cathy Heller, Temple Taggart, Karena Virginia, Jessica Drake, Summer Zervos, Leigh Corfman, Beverly Young Nelson. She's never heard of but would believe the stories of Kristin Raworth and Rose Knight. By contrast, I am convinced that all of these bitches are also lying. While re-prosecuting the defamatory lies of all of these liars is outside the purpose of this blogpost, we will briefly delve into the one of the many issues with Tara Reade's claims and why Joe Biden is innocent of the ludicrous claims made against him.

First off, did anything happen at all? The answer is almost certainly yes. Unlike Kavanaugh/Ford, we can say for starters that they were in the same room together. Unlike Carroll/Trump, we can say for sure that a negative interaction (from Reade's point-of-view) took place. The most damning piece of evidence is probably the now-infamous Larry King call: a woman Reade says was her mother (and was from the city her mother lived in at the time Tara Reade left the Senate offices) called the talk show host in 1993 to complain on behalf of her daughter about the bad treatment she received in Joe Biden's employ. So there it is, Biden raped her, right? Well, there's the minor problem that Reade's mother never mentioned rape. Or inappropriate touching. Or a hair sniffing. Or a clumsy flirting. Or Biden physically touching her at all. Or anybody physically touching her at all. Or Biden even being directly involved. All the caller said was:

I’m wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington? My daughter has just left there, after working for a prominent senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him.
Now imagine if you will the following (fictional?) scenario: Tara Reade wasn't a very good employee. She was late for work, she wasn't good at her job, she would get upset when given even constructive criticism. She didn't have any friends in the office and whenever she complained about somebody else it would get around to them and made her life worse. She would be regularly spoken to by supervision about her conduct and attitude and eventually quit in disgust after yet again receiving a bad performance review. Is there anything in my little story that is contradicted by her mother (Jeanette Altimus)'s comments to Larry King? You might be thinking well yes, she said that out of respect for him she didn't want to go to the press, isn't that something that would only come up if there was something directly related to Joe Biden? No, not necessarily: shitty office workers always think that their bad treatment was unfair and requiring punishment. "I couldn't work in Senator Biden's office because of the toxic work environment" is the headline (fictional?) 1993 Altimus could have been suggesting would be the result of Tara's only recourse. You could concoct your own scenarios that could paint Reade in a more sympathetic light than mine, and many that even involve Joe Biden getting involved in any capacity (you'll note mine doesn't), that still don't have any overlap between the "what Altimus described in her Larry King call" and "Joe Biden did anything inappropriate". Further evidence of something was that the New York Times was able to confirm Reade left Biden's employ when she claims and that her duties were curtailed as she claims. The call conspicuously notes that "the press" and "silence" are the only two options though, not mentioning a complaint to law enforcement.

Okay, so we need to find slightly more damning evidence. Well how about this one: one of Reade's former neighbours reports that she had been told in 1995 or 1996 that Biden had sexually assaulted her. While she doesn't remember details or even if she was told details, it lines up with Reade's claim that Biden put a finger inside her pussy. Reade's brother had been told that Biden's hands were "under her clothes". A colleague in a California State Senator's office in the mid-90s also recalls Reade was sexually harassed by "her former boss" and was fired for "voicing her concerns to her supervisors". So (again unlike Kavanaugh/Ford and Carroll/Trump) we have examples of Reade telling other people her story. Most of them involved direct interaction with Joe Biden and none of them let Biden off the hook (in the sense of "Biden didn't know one of his staffers assaulted another" or "Biden was told about an assault in his office and didn't react") one way or the other.

Sounds pretty damning for Joe Biden doesn't it? If Roy Moore deserved to lose his Senate seat over going on a date with a teenager when he was a very young adult, surely Biden deserves to lose the White House over this, right? Right?

Next up let's get the weakest criticisms of Reade out of the way: Marianne Baker, Biden's executive assistant at the time, says she has no memory of any of this. That doesn't tell us much: the secretary isn't the chain of command so if Reade complained to supervisors about Biden raping her and they ignored her, that wouldn't mean any of it reached Baker's desk. Reade claims Baker was her supervisor but nobody else can attest to this. Even if she had heard about it, despite her claims it would have left a "searing impression", she may not have heard about rape at all, just a staffer was creeped out by Biden. If Baker remembered every one of those cases her brain would have filled up like C-3PO in the last Star Wars movie. A contemporary staffer (Melissa Lefko) doesn't remember any accusations against Biden of assault or harassment. If you think that means anything, Lefko also doesn't remember Reade working in the office at all: she absolutely did work there, so either Lefko's memory is so useless to be of no concern or the two of them didn't work together long enough in the office for it to have come up.

Okay so now here's where things start to get weird. We'll stick to the weaker criticisms for now. Have you ever heard of this country called...hold on, I need to check my files here to make sure I'm spelling it right as I'm relatively unfamiliar with it...have you ever heard of this country called Russia? It may have come up in idle conversation once or twice maybe? Or perhaps because for the Democrats Russia is everything on the planet and then some. They even came up again this past week when the legendary "direct evidence" of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government which Adam Schiff claimed the House Intelligence Committee had secret knowledge of turned out to be a giant lie (or "nothingburger" as the hip kids say). If you make a criticism of Nancy Pelosi in a YouTube comment you're a "Russian bot". If you make a pro-Extinction Rebellion documentary that criticizes the green energy movement you're a Russian agent. Russia is the giant Democrat boogeyman, and Tara Reade has some interesting feelings about Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. She praised Putin's strength and called him "gentle" which is odd because those in the west who defend Putin aren't interested in his being gentle: in fact he is a strongman and that he's willing to defend (Orthodox Russian) Christianity using his strongman tactics is part of his appeal. Those who want a soft-power approach were on the side of Pope Benedict and despite some rapprochement you really can only choose one. She claims she was interested in Putin as a novelist which doesn't jive with the tone of her writing, and some on the left have seized this weirdo interest as a reason to discredit her. She said good things about Putin, her timing seemed to help Bernie Sanders (who we know the Russians were interested in promoting as a candidate) and would later help Donald Trump (this just sets off all their alarm bells for no apparent reason), ipso facto she's a secret Russian agent. However, let's just say that praising both Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin simultaneously is...odd? Not the sort of behaviour you'd expect from a rational advocate for a particular position, perhaps?

Now that we've covered the silly reasons not to believe this lying bitch, let's start picking apart her nonsensical story. For one thing, which story are we talking about. In early 2019 the story was that Biden would put his hand on her shoulder and once asked somebody if Reade could serve him at an event more often because he liked her legs. Let's look back to that 1993 Larry King call. Could this interaction have driven all the subsequent events? Absolutely. But...if that's what happened then the evidence against Biden isn't particularly exciting. Remember that one of the "25 Trump assault accusers" (Alva Johnson) you always hear about from the left has the damning excuse that Trump tried to kiss her. Initiating physical contact (including kisses) with women is literally part of the courtship process. Associating this with rape is dishonest and ridiculous. So if this is what Biden did, then to hell with Reade.

The story doesn't end there. Okay, wait, that story ended there. But then a couple months a new and even worse story came out: Biden finger-banged her underneath her skirt. So what's with this weak-ass shoulder-touching complaint? While this story at least matches what she told her brother and neighbour her brother and neighbour say she told them in 1993-1996, the difference between the two tales is suspicious. It relates to a personal story that I thought I had mentioned on the blog before, I'll try to dig it up at a later date. Suffice to say the "no it's even worse, Xn happened" for increasingly iterative values of n is a standard ploy by victims of minor crimes wanting more and more validation that they were victimized by steadily increasing the crime. By October 31st Reade will be claiming Biden murdered her in 1993 and she's been a ghost ever since. [doesn't explain the weight gain tho... -ed] Cathy Young notes this claim requires Biden to fingerbang her in a semi-public place which requires Biden to have been completely oblivious to his surroundings...in 1993. (2020 Biden, of course, is completely oblivious to his surroundings almost all the time). Young also notes that the new story involves Biden's staff (both male and female) knowing about his boorish behaviour and telling her to just look sexier and let the boss diddle her if it came down to it: bizarrely tone-deaf advice in the wake of the Robert Packwood scandal from earlier that same year.

Young glosses over it but the new story adds in conspiracy to protect Biden. While not impossible to believe (note how the New York Times and Salon and Washington Post and other media outlets are publicly conspiring to protect Biden) it does also correspond with the continual ramp-up of severity (because eventually you have to explain why nothing was done). Reade also seems to have had a mostly affable relationship with the former boss who molested her in public and got away with it. Either the Democrats are more of a cult than we've been led to believe and the true believers will accept any bad behaviour, or Tara McCabe had a positive view of Biden whose crimes against her were minor.

Add it all up, and the odds are that Tara Reade are lying about the finger is pretty good. Add in the fact that at least half of all rape accusations are false, and that when you're dealing with public figures that probably jumps to 90%, I can say with some confidence that Tara Reade is lying. Joe Biden didn't molest her. Joe Biden will molest America though, and while you can't damn him with his attack on Tara Reade you can damn him on his attack on Brent Kavanaugh and for not applying the same stupid rules to himself that he applies to his opponents.

I, on the other hand, equally apply the same rule all the time: most of these bitches are lying. Bitches and lying go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Rape is a serious crime that doesn't leave a dead body as evidence, so they love to lie and claim they were the victim of the former. Don't kid yourself though, if they could get away with accusing men of the latter they would.