If it wasn't for false equivalence the media wouldn't have any equivalence at all

Donald Trump has done it again.

Conservatives have often wondered "what do we have to do in order to get fair media treatment for our comments on race/religion/sex/sodomitic lifestyle choices?"

The answer: run against Joe Biden.

See? Once Biden is in hot water at the same time, your remarks get downgraded into a false equivalence into being "perceived as racist". [for those keeping score, when a remark is 'racist' that's a crime committed by the speaker...a remark 'perceived as racist' is a crime committed by you, the listener. -ed]

Joe Biden, of course is wrong. "Charlamagne tha God" (ie. Lenard McKelvey, unlike trannies apparently he can't be 'deadnamed') is allowed to be black and not choose Democrat in November 2020. Charlamagne tha God is absolutely black: if you didn't doubt it, he has a negro's lack of sense regarding deadline times...

About 20 minutes into the interview, an aide to Biden can be heard trying to wrap up, saying, "Thank you so much. That's really our time. I apologize."

"You can't do that to black media!" Charlamagne replied, smiling.