Julia Roberts is too old but maybe Anne Hathaway is available

Larry O'Connor on how Flynn lawyer Sidney Powell really should be Erin Brockovich for the iPad generation (but won't be):

She was demeaned and ridiculed as a "#MAGA lawyer" by the smart set at Politico.

She was second-guessed as a "screw-up" by legal blogs.

She was written off for "crackpot conspiracy theories" by former intelligence officials doing their best to protect their friends in the permanent bureaucracy.

Nevertheless, Sidney Powell persisted.

In an honest universe, Ms. Powell, the courageous attorney who engineered a miraculous defense of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn that led to the Justice Department withdrawing criminal charges against President Trump's former National Security Adviser, would be hailed as a political and cultural hero. This solitary woman just faced down the epitome of the "old boys network" and emerged victorious.
It's worth re-reading both the Politico and Above the Law posts -- from January no less -- in retrospect.