Is Marc Parravano Canada's Greg Packer?

If you recall, in the early 2000s Ann Coulter discovered that an obscure highway maintenance worker named Greg Packer was routinely featured by far-left mainstream media outlets as their random "man on the street". I first saw it in her 2003 book Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism. It's not just Packer, though he's the one so blatant that eventually even the far-left Associated Press had to admit they were being exposed and they had to consciously stop it. In the same original 2003 Human Events article Ann exposed that New York Daily News found a man on the street gushing about Hillary Clinton without bothering to confirm that he was a Clinton campaign manager who had been to the White House and also to Hillary's NY home.

As a result, I now do a standard "who is this dude" when far-left media finds a random person (supposedly) to quote. In this case it's CBC who quoted "Marc Parravano" of Toronto on their April 30th article about outdoor Wuhan Flu transmission in the Big Smoke. At least unlike the NYT they did point out that he had also published a petition demanding streets be opened to walking because leftists hate automobiles. But you'll find he's also the Marc Parravano from this story about how when his "partner" (ie. wife) was pregnant they had a Maple Leafs themed bet.

No wonder the Americans always say "oh you're from Canada I know a guy in Vancouver do you know him too?" Why wouldn't they think Canada has 11 people rather than "the CBC is always lying to you".

Bonus Ann Coulter Classic: The deconstruction of "nonviolent criminals on possession charges" that seems oddly relevant again as prisons empty in fear of the Wuhan Flu