Media buttering Albertans up to demand we reject our most sacred principles

Far-left columnist Lisa Johnson of the Edmonton Journal is asking, almost salivating: COVID-19 has changed everything. Will it change Jason Kenney’s conservative Alberta?

One of the things to note, and Brendan O'Neill noted it about a month ago, is that the polls are probably not accurate reflections of the mood. People locked in under quarantine seem to be insane: how else do you figure that Justin blowing money left right and centre and Legault presiding over a historic Queerbec death roll are both hugely popular?

Kenney’s approval numbers could have been higher but were held back by the government’s handling of the health portfolio, ThinkHQ’s pollsters concluded.
This is exactly why conservative governments need to massively destroy public healthcare. No more government healthcare, no more insisting that government endlessly give it more money to continued lost outcomes.
Cheryl Oates, once press secretary to former premier Notley, said people expect governments to put their agenda aside and put acute needs first.
Oates, of course, isn't telling you that "government funding acute care" is neatly part of her extremist boss's...um, what's the word? Oh, right: agenda.

But this is how leftists like Oates and Rachel Arab work: their desires can never be "agendas". Thanks to pliant media whores like Lisa Johnson, they'll get massive platforms to keep spreading that sick agenda without a hint of opposition.

Fortunately there's a cure. My shadow budget was a start. The next step is deporting losers like Zain Velji to whatever shithole country we decide they are now residents of:
Zain Velji, a political strategist who has worked on left-wing political campaigns including for the provincial NDP, said while Kenney has been in relative lock-step with other provinces on his pandemic response, he has lost some points for leadership.

Sticking to the goals of restraining education and health funding while the public’s attention is on the COVID-19 crisis is one way Kenney’s leveraged this moment for his own political agenda, said Velji.
Meanwhile, count on that worthless bitch Rachel Arab to try to paint Alberta's failures under her destructive administration as a model to uphold:
“The rug was already starting to slip out from under Jason Kenney before the pandemic … The growing job losses, the failure to create jobs, the disinterest in diversification — all those things were already starting to pile up,” said Notley.

Kenney might make some reversals, but he’s still devoted to small-government conservatism, she said.

“Even though it appears as though they are capitulating, it turns out they’re just trying to get money from another pot,” said Notley. “If that means pulling money away from autistic kids in schools — so be it,” the opposition leader said referring to funding cuts for educational assistants. “If it means reducing (health care) services in rural communities — so be it.”
The NDP, remember, know nothing about economics. The money being blown on Wuhan Flu responses has to be saved elsewhere.

Kenney, meanwhile, is at least acknowledging the dangers of his overspending. Real Albertans respect this sort of thing. How the electorate treats him defines how many people we need to remove from Alberta by force.
When asked what exactly that means, Kenney said: “Well, it means we are racking up a whack of debt.” The province needs to get through the crisis, but when that’s over, it’s going to have to have a debate over how to deal with it. “I’m not sugarcoating it, I’m just saying this so Albertans are aware there’s some tough choices ahead.”

As always with the Fake News far-left media, they love that provincial sales tax (that steals money out of every Albertan's wallets):
Kenney was asked directly by Global News in early May if a sales tax was possible, long a taboo subject in Alberta, and he suggested it would be part of the debate to get finances under control. Other options could be deeper cuts or a combination of new taxes and cuts.

Derek, of course, is slyly pushing for #WEXIT. As you might guess, it's the real way that Alberta can pivot from the post-COVID world into a global powerhouse.
Derek Fildebrandt, a former Wildrose MLA, UCP member, Freedom Conservative Party founder and now-publisher of right-leaning online magazine, the Western Standard, said while there is always a threat on the right, “it’s always a manageable threat if the mainstream Tory party of the day is willing to tack in that direction.”

A big part of containing that threat today will depend on what recommendations come out of the Fair Deal Panel. The government’s response will be a big indicator of how far Kenney is willing to go to keep those factions animated by western alienation on his side, said Fildebrandt.