Old and busted: muzzling government scientists. New hotness: muzzling scientists who don't even work for you

Hey remember when everybody was mad about the Right Honourable Stephen Harper (pbuh) "muzzling" scientists? Nobody milked this non-story more than the Shiny Pony himself, a prime example of how the idiot masquerading as a Prime Minister doesn't understand how government works.

I was wondering recently if any scientists in the government's employ disagreed at any point with the decisions being made by Dr. Tam and his cronies. Why hadn't we heard from them? Were they proposing courses of action that the government chose not to take and just deciding to remain quiet? I thought Justin had un-muzzled them...(well, more or less).

I guess I should have mused aloud on here, that way I would have been demonstrated as forward thinking (always more useful than merely being forward thinking.

Trudeau is not only (apparently) muzzling his own scientists, he's also muzzling scientists he's giving money to.

Amir Attaran is a far-left piece of shit who teaches lies to impressionable children at the University of Ottawa. He's also, one should note, not one of the government advisors who would have been "muzzled" under the Right Honourable Stephen Harper (pbuh). He doesn't work for the federal government other than receive grant money. Or rather, he was until he criticized the Little Potato's handling of the Wuhan Flu:

At a House of Commons health committee on Wednesday, professor Amir Attaran of the University of Ottawa’s School of Epidemiology disclosed he was blacklisted from a grant application by Public Health during a routine hearing, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

Conservative MP Tamara Jansen told Prof. Attaran that nobody has been able to give her a grade on the Public Health Agency management’s response to the pandemic.

“I’ve actually been hearing of some backlash by the agency to those who are vocally critical of their response to the pandemic,” Jansen said to Attaran. “Are you willing to give me a grade? Or could that disadvantage you in your work in some way?”

Attaran answered by giving the agency “a C- or a D” and affirmed that there was retaliation.

“Since the last time I appeared in front of this committee and I was negative about some of those efforts, I was asked to join a grant application with people from the Public Health Agency of Canada and I understand they said they wouldn’t participate unless I stood off of it, which I did, willingly, because I didn’t want to cause trouble for my colleagues,” Attaran said.
The final kicker?
New Democrat MP Don Davies was “shocked” to hear about the alleged intimidation.
Don't you understand how your own side works, Comrade?