Portland gets socialism: funky joints subsumed by the state

While it's always sad to see small businesses fail due to COVID, there cannot help but be a certain perverse thrill in seeing that several of Portland's hipster treasures are being permanently closed as a result of the lockdown the Viro Fascists in that State are hugely in favour of.

Technically related but not really: Down in Calgary Shakers Family Fun Centre is permanently closing its doors. Calaway Park, fortunately, remains closed only temporarily.

Absolutely 100% related to Portland: Many businesses in Guelph have closed permanently angry that Trudeau's daily announcements don't seem to provide them any help. 29,890 people (40%) in that riding voted Lieberal in October, with another 18,808 (25%) voting Green, and 9,059 (12%) voting NDP. They deserve nothing less than total economic collapse.