Another Toronto rapper shot: blame varmint guns in northern B.C.

Surprise surprise, New Zealand is getting a harsh lesson in what happens when the fundamental human right of the citizenry to own weapons in their own defense is stolen away by the state: the state has deprived you of your life and property and isn't very good at protecting the bit of it they leave you as scraps:

The figures, obtained from police under the Official Information Act, show the rates of gun crime went up in both 2018 and 2019.

Last year, there were 3540 occasions where an offender was found with a gun.

And in both of the last two years, the rate of deadly incidents involving a firearm was the highest it had been since 2009.

The number of guns seized by police is also on the rise, up almost 50 percent on five years earlier at 1263 last year.
On this side of the Pacific Rim, another black-on-black shooting in Toronto, this time right in the middle of (presumably dead) downtown.
TORONTO — Canadian rapper Houdini has died aged 21 after being fatally shot in Toronto.

The up-and-coming hip-hop star was gunned down on May 26 outside a hotel in the downtown area of the city, and later died from his injuries.

Houdini was one of Canada’s most streamed independent rappers last year, with 19.2 million plays on Spotify. He is best known for tracks including Late Nights, Myself, and Backseats.

Police say the wounded include a 15-year-old boy and a 27-year-old woman. Both are expected to recover.
Coming on the heels of Trudeau's ridiculous gun grab that takes a lot of hunting rifles from innocent farmers but somehow lets Toronto negroes pack heat in the middle of the city without so much as a hitch, this looks like only the anecdotal beginning of what New Zealand's own disgusting policies have wrought.
Toronto city councillor Joe Cressy, who represents the area where the shooting took place, expressed his disappointment on Twitter.

"Our vibrant downtown community shaken," Cressy wrote. “While Toronto Police Services investigates and our city’s crisis response team mobilizes to support those affected, collectively as a city we must all loudly reject this violence and work to stop it.”
The reason your "downtown community" is shaken is because fag-loving NDP extremists like you have been constantly pushing to make it more "vibrant" by which you mean non-white. Well this is what you get: tribal criminals constantly committing brazen murders in the middle of the city. This is exactly what Cressy wanted in his city. And he got it. Congrats, pal.

Bonus Toronto shooting coverage: You may have heard from CBC (in since-scrubbed-without-notice article) that the 15 year old boy was dead and the two adults were alive. As always, CBC is quick to rip on you for "fake news" without looking at the beam in their own eye.

Flashback: Over a decade ago I highlighted how the Big Smoke got more violent as it got less white