Speeding is not a valid excuse for denying property rights and stealing cars

Corrupt Edmonton cops want more powers as the public realizes they are paper tigers.

Since mid-March, Edmonton police officers have issued more than 100 tickets to those going more than 50 km/h over the speed limit when traffic volumes slowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Main high-speed roads such as Anthony Henday Drive, Whitemud Drive and Yellowhead Trail are where the city is seeing most cases of extreme speeding, the city’s acting director of traffic safety Jessica Lamarre said in a statement to Postmedia.

To help curb the growing safety concern, police Chief Dale McFee and Mayor Don Iveson are calling on the province to allow officers to impound vehicles traveling at excessive speeds. They are working on a joint letter, expected to be completed by the end of the week, to the ministers of justice and education asking for a change in the legislation.
Hey Don, you fag loving coward: piss off before those of us better than you run you over and then throw our truck into reverse to run over you a second time just for fun.

As traffic volumes slow, people will naturally speed up because there's less danger on the roads. That's people making their own rational judgements, and shouldn't be an excuse for you to scoop up unnecessary police powers. Remember (yet again) that thanks to SJW losers like Iveson, roads in Edmonton are 30-60 km/hr too slow in almost every single case. In every one of those "main high-speed roads" this is true, with the narrow exception of the Henday where the province forced the city into having a 100 km/hr limit in the first place (it should be 125 km/hr). The Whitemud should be 120. The Yellowhead should be 110.

Seizing people's personal property is never justified, faggots.