Edmonton City Parks

It's a virus, not a tornado.

Edmonton City Council is exercising their Viro Fascism by closing four locations that allegedly were used in a non-social-distancing manner. Sodomite loving coward Don Iveson could barely keep the glean out of his evil eye as he made the announcement.

This is disgusting government paternalism at its strongest. This is a parent taking away a kids' soccer ball because he keeps kicking it inside the house.

Actually, wait, sorry, my apologies. This is a parent taking away a kids' soccer ball because they watched a soccer riot in Brazil. It would be bad enough but at least tolerable if Mayor Coward had warned people that bylaw officers would pay special attention to those locations this weekend and fine people for noncompliance. This is insanity overkill on par with the shit we see over in bumfuck Ontario where Ford/Tory scream to the heavens that people are out in public parks.

This is less an issue in Edmonton, but in Toronto what the hell were they thinking? 4M people cooped up in tiny apartments (I'm reminded of my last couple Trawna hotel rooms) for months because the city (unlike many others) closed every park in town, then opened them back up in mid-May during a heat wave, and then complaining that too many people thought "hey I should finally go to the park"? Screw off.

Interim city manager Adam Laughlin said Thursday groups of more than 50 people have regularly been gathering at skateparks and basketball courts, especially at the locations that are being temporarily closed. He said the behaviour has resulted in the need for excessive enforcement after people ignored warnings.

“We permitted opening certain facilities on the basis of good guidelines provided by the province, which we interpret them as our rules,” he said. “The expectation is that individuals follow them and if they do not in this pandemic we will close facilities. It is on Edmontonians to make sure that they’re following these guidelines.”
So which is it? Viro Fascist Adam Laughlin claimed "it's on Edmontonians" but then rather than send enforcers to push the (nonsensical) social distancing rules he's instead closing the entire park.

Well, maybe this saves the Viro Fascist a little manpower to harrass people elsewhere. Nope.
While the closures are in effect, the city will be locking fences and putting up tape at the parks and courts. Laughlin said the city will be closely monitoring the sites for compliance.
Edmonton City Council is out of control. It's time for the non-social distanced mobs to show up at their houses:
Council will revisit the issue at next Thursday’s emergency advisory committee and discuss whether there is a need to close the sites again because of further non-compliance.
Disgusting paternalism at its strongest.