Children of celebrity suffer the delusions of their parents

Two stories out of Hollywood this week with the same punchline.

First up, Tom Hanks' son Chet was involved in a feud with another rapper (and yes you read the second half of that sentence correctly. The basic gist is that rapper Daniel Hernandez copped a plea deal to reduce his prison sentence. As a direct result of the insane policy of releasing twentysomethings from prison to protect them from a disease that is almost certainly not going to negatively affect them, Hernandez is out on the street. Chet Hanks has declared Hernandez a "rat" for turning on his gang to get a cushy prison sentence and implied that Hernandez will be murdered for it. The news is making a big deal of what could be a sarcastic "I hope your Dad dies" response. The bigger thing to note is that rap feuds tend to conclude with one posse shooting another: as a result of the policy made by leftist legislators who share Hanks' worldview, there's an increased chance that he will have to attend his son's funeral as "compassion for criminals" has left a potential killer/child molester/violent robber out on the streets with a chip on his shoulder.

Second, Melissa Ethridge is burying her (adopted) son this week. Beckett Cypher has died: he's the child of David Crosby and Julie Cypher. When Cypher made her disgusting lifestyle choice to reject her husband (Lou Diamond Phillips) and turn to sapphism she and Crosby had a child using artificial insemination. Ever since Beckett was born, he's been raised in a toxic all-chick household where normal rules of morality and logic are turned on their head. The sodomite-loving media, of course, couldn't stop fawning over them. "New American Family" cried Rolling Stone years back. Well the chickens have come home to roost: appropriately enough the "New American Family" features a child with mental health issues caused by his ungodly rearing who eventually overdosed on opioids. The dyke taunted fate in a 60 Minutes interview years ago:

I do not believe that my children will be wanting in any way because they didn’t have a father in the home every single day. What they have in the home is two loving parents. I think that puts them ahead of the game.
As we all know, dykes are incapable of love. Their sick delusions preclude it. Beckett didn't have a happy life, and it's a shame he endured such misery and disability. We can feel sorry for him, and less sorry for the two women who pretended he could be well adjusted with two women living the lie that their relationship is normal and healthy. Beckett shouldn't have had to pay the price for that. Melissa Ethridge is are paying the price she wanted, though, and I shall not mourn her.

It's worth noting that while Ethridge has never turned away from her deviant lifestyle choice, Julie Cypher (Beckett's actual mother) has, and returned to a heterosexual relationship in 2004.