A tale of two Canadian tax "cheats"

A little compare and contrast for you...

If you're trying to keep more of the money you earned from Rat Bastard 2.0's wasteful and abusive government, you're a "tax cheat" and CCRA will go to every edge of the earth (literally) to try and milk you of money that doesn't belong to them.

If you're a lazy grifter who's avoiding work using the Wuhan Flu as an excuse and are double dipping by taking two government handouts when you only "deserve" one, you'll be ignored as CCRA doesn't have anybody available to investigate you as you rob money from hardworking and productive taxpayers.

On the bright side, Shiny Pony is running the country's finances into the ground so fast that eventually Canadian currency (like Canadian resource companies will all be worth so little on the open market that the ChiComs will buy it all out and then lazy leftists can start to experience what really happens in a Communist society: you get worked to the bone and made to serve the state.