Should the new child illness tied to the Wuhan Flu concern us?

Wow this sounds serious...

A 5-year-old boy in New York has become the first child in the United States to die from a condition called pediatric multisymptom inflammatory syndrome that is believed to be linked to COVID-19.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during a briefing Friday that the state department of health is investigating several related cases in children.
It is certainly concerning that there seems to be a bizzare side effect of the Wuhan Flu affecting children. Previously it has been understood that except for the newest of babies, nobody born after 1965 needed to worry much about this disease.

So do we have to change to the (slightly more worrisome) metric of those born between 1965-2015? Maybe. However when you look to the original warning from South Thames Retrieval Service (ie. London children's hospital) some bizarre things catch your eye that the media coverage sort of skips over.
  1. The published study reflects only ten days out of the entire pandemic outbreak:
    During a period of 10 days in mid-April, 2020, we noted an unprecedented cluster of eight children with hyperinflammatory shock, showing features similar to atypical Kawasaki disease, Kawasaki disease shock syndrome,1 or toxic shock syndrome (typical number is one or two children per week).
    Additionally during these ten days they say a four-fold increase in cases from their usual two children per week. The media keeps referring to this as rare, which it may well be: but a rare disease being increased from 2 cases to 8 is likely still really really rare.
  2. No white people were harmed in the making of this illness: "Six of the children were of Afro-Caribbean descent", which sort of catches your eye. Even in modern day London it's rare for 8 children to not include any white people. Based on 2018 data (.XLS) if we pretend just Slavic countries represent "white" births we have 80,204 out of 657,076 births (12%) pretty much guaranteed to be white births. Now let's take a relatively safe assumption: 1/4 of women born in the U.K. and giving birth are white. You may want to argue it's higher, but how much higher? We can all presume it shouldn't be lower. That adds in another 117,869 babies bringing our total to 198,073 which represents 30% of all births. So let's mark that as the lowest end of our assumptions. If we want to guess that 60% of British-born women are white and say 25% of North American born mothers in the UK are white that brings your total up to 364,209 (55%). So we can safely put white babies in the 30-55% range. So how weird is it that our 8 impacted UK babies feature six "Afro-Carribean" babies, one Asian (which means Indian-Pakistani in British terminology), and one middle-eastern?
  3. Still only one death: you might argue that one life is too many, particularly regarding newborns. However 7/8 of those in the UK who got this survived it: and it's rare.
  4. Hyperinflammatory shock loves fat kids like fat kids love cake: "All children except one were well above the 75th centile for weight". In other words, we're already talking about (slightly) abnormally obese kids. Both Patient 1 (male, black, 14yrs) and Patient 4 (female, black, 13yrs) had a BMI of 33 which the CDC guide to BMI in children describes gently as "almost certainly obese". Not likely a coincidence
  5. The US and UK have combined for a whopping two deaths: admittedly the media coverage generally is good at confirming this.
  6. They may not have even had COVID-19: a postmortem on the fat Patient 1 found a positive test for the Wuhan Flu. (Pakistani) Patient 5 also tested positive for SARS-COV-2 to use the ridiculous new terminology. Those were the only two kids out of the 8 who tested positive for COVID-19. The others all tested negative (including one who tested positive for more common adenovirus [ie. pink eye]. Others seemed to be exposed to COVID but didn't actually get it. This seems to speak less to the COVID virus itself and more to some (previously undiagnosed) immuno-overreaction disease present in these children. Now please note that wacky immune responses are one of the telltale signs of an autosomal recessive disorder. What's that, you ask? Why it's caused by inbreeding, where insufficient genetic variation produces recessive genes on overdrive. What does that have to do with a disorder seemingly overly impacting immigrants to Britain? Oh, nothing really. Nothing at all. Almost certainly nothing please don't click the-- I SAID DON'T CLICK THE LINK YOU HATER, YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE PAYING ATTENTION CULTURAL DIVERSITY NYAH NYAH I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!
Now since mid-April another 20 cases, half of which have the Wuhan Flu antigen in their system, have presented. And of course the 100 or so American cases.

We're looking at something weird. But we aren't looking any anything indicative. Unless you're a child bride from a the cult of a Satanic prophet named Mohammed, perhaps...