Thank the Lord for the 'experts' protecting us.

Over in Ark Kansas, the government has been about as successful as governments typically are (emphasis mine):
The possible breach occurred last night when an applicant got illegal access to the system according to Hutchinson. The breach resulted in the website temporarily being taken down.

A team of experts is accessing how the breach occurred and the damage that possibly may have been done. If it is determined that the person who accessed the system gleaned a significant amount of information, those who may be affected will be further notified and monitored.

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance system helps independent contractors, gig workers, business owners who are self-employed who don’t usually qualify for regular state unemployment benefits.

Secretary of Commerce Mike Preston said the system was created with the help of a third party and they are working with forensics to make sure it is good shape before it’s back online.
Whenever there's a crisis there's a team of experts. First the experts who fix a problem. And then the experts to have to fix the problems caused by the first experts.