Support for the weaker sex is already too strong

Got your BS detectors up and running? This (anonymous) CP article is called "Canadian support for gender equality doesn't match reality, survey suggests".

Canadian support for the principle of equal rights for women and men is among the highest in the world — but in practice, archaic attitudes towards gender roles are still alive and well both at home and around the globe, a new survey suggests.

Respondents to the international Pew Research Center poll released Thursday expressed overwhelming support for the concept of gender equality — 93 per cent of Canadians surveyed ranked it as “very important,” second only to Sweden at 96 per cent.
So 93% of Canadians find "equal rights for women and men" [ie. both of the only two genders... -ed] important. Sure. Hey in the rest of this article they break respondents down by sex, why don't they do it with this one too? Is it because a surprisingly large percentage of women don't believe in equal rights for men and women?
In more practical terms, however, the survey found a significant gap between men and women when it comes to which gender they believe enjoys a higher quality of life: 69 per cent of women in Canada said men have a better quality of life, compared with 49 per cent of Canadian men who said the same thing.
So women are stupid and crazy, we already knew this. What's shocking is how many men are still operating under the delusion that our "quality of life" is higher. Have they not seen how many girls get free dinners at The Keg? Have they not sat at 1STRND on Bourbon Street watching the women walking out as their husbands hold multiple bags from stores that don't sell men's clothing? Don't they know the guy working a $45/hr job and driving a 18 year old Aveo who doesn't get to see his kids in Vancouver because his wife cleaned him out in the divorce? Putting your COVID glasses on, women live longer: when we're being told that extending an 82 year old's life by another year is important enough to torpedo an entire economy how can you not rationally understand there's a higher "quality of life"?
"It is the case, I think, that people in Canada really see men and women having equal rights as very important. And they're somewhat more optimistic than other countries that women will eventually have the same rights as men," said Pew research associate Janell Fetterolf.

Oh go fuck yourself Janell Fetterolf, and make me a sandwich while you're at it.

Women already have, stop me if this is news to you, more rights than men. For starters, if I killed a baby people would at least look at me funny, not hold marches to celebrate my accomplishments. There isn't a single right that men have which women don't. That's not even something open for debate or argument. It's 10,000% fact plain and simple. Pew Research probably should have, you know, researched that.
"At the same time, people do recognize that it's not necessarily the case now in some of these situations."
Nobody "recognized that" at all. In fact, like all women Janell Fetterolf is not good at understanding rather significant distinctions: "quality of life" isn't mapped 1:1 onto "having the same rights". After all, let's take two straight white male twin brothers both born to a billionaire. They remain in the same political jurisdiction all their lives. Therefore we can safely say that both have the exact same rights. Let's also say both of them never have to work and both buy identical houses next door to each other and both take up artistic hobbies just for fun rather than for sale or prestige. There's nothing to differentiate them. Now let's say that one twin develops pancreatic cancer. Fast forward a year, do they have the same "quality of life"? Obviously not. Yet no impact on their rights. One twin was obviously born before the other: would Fetterolf argue this is proof of ageism in society?
A surprising 11 per cent of Canadians said men should have more right to a job than women at times when work is scarce, compared with 88 per cent who disagreed. In the U.S., the ratio was similar: 13 per cent agreed with favouring men, compared to 85 per cent who felt differently.
Maybe this could be the tradeoff for the abortion issue? Women can murder their children but if a job opens up to feed your children men deserve first crack at it?
About two-thirds of respondents in Canada said men have more access to high-paying jobs, while just two per cent said the same thing about women. Thirty-one per cent said opportunities for both genders are about equal.

Only 43 per cent said men have more opportunities to be leaders in their community; 54 per cent said the balance is about equal, while three per cent said women have the advantage.
So now we're already moving on from rights into "how things work in the world". I'm sure these liars will try to tie it back right rights somehow. I'm also not sure what "access to high paying jobs" means: everybody has access to them in the sense they can send in a resume. It's also illegal to refuse to hire based on sex, but it's not illegal to refuse to hire inferior candidates which women may or may not be more numerous as. Somehow I think it's the other way around though, I know a lot of men who notoriously applied for jobs well beyond their ken. One former coworker seemed to do it a dozen times a week. Does he have more "access to high paying jobs"? Or less?
The research also shows that some respondents in Canada still cling to long-standing perceptions about gender roles: 22 per cent said men have more influence over household financial decisions, compared to 11 per cent who said women control the purse strings. Sixty-four per cent said the balance is equal.

Women exert more control over child-rearing decisions, 37 per cent of Canadians said, compared with just three per cent who said the same thing about men. Fifty-eight per cent called it a draw.

Three-quarters of Canadians surveyed said marriages are more satisfying when both partners work and share household duties, compared with 15 per cent who preferred to see the husband as the provider and the wife at home with the children.
You say "longstanding perceptions" all you like, I'll continue to call it assigning to each sex the task most suited to that sex's particular strengths. Meanwhile how many of those "balance are equal" voters are also the ones carrying all the bags out of West Ed?
Canadian women are also less optimistic than their male counterparts when it comes to the future of gender equality: 88 per cent of female respondents said they either are or expected to be treated equally, compared with 93 per cent of men.
We aren't dealing with rights here either by the way: if you expect "to be treated equally" part of "equal rights for women and men" then keep waiting. It's not going to happen and it never should.

Dumb broads like Fetterolf having equal vote is one of the reasons only 93% of Canadians (again, we don't know the breakdown of this number) think women should have the same rights as the menfolk.