Minnesota Burning

Who brought all the faggots and niggers into Minneapolis anyways?

In 1980, Minneapolis had 321,507 whites and 28,026 niggers in a city of 370,951 (86.7% and 7.56% respectively).

According to Wikipedia the white population of Minneapolis is now 64.2% white and 18.6% nigger, which explains why there are so many of them committing so many crimes that eventually some bad apple police officers caused the whole tree to be rotted. And then burnt down. And then the forest was burned down too. Tribal gotta tribal.

It actually was lower in 2000 and has rebounded, presumably due to all the fairies who moved in.

So what is it about Minneapolis that causes is to be such a hot new destination for nigger criminals like George Floyd (and yes, yet again it turns out the "innocent victim" was a criminal who was involved in a violent home invasion in 2008)? To borrow the phrase from violent niggers who started ruining Edmonton in 2007, who spoiled what was an idyllic safe haven of a city and now is one of America's most violent.

The answer, ironically, comes as much from Dachau as it does from the violent niggers of the 1960s racial protests. In 1967 three nights of violence rocked North Minneapolis and chased out much of the 'white' population...but even that isn't quite accurate because the ethnic group that fled wasn't white but Jewish. Following WWII anti-Jewish sentiment rapidly declined which left the Jews who had been living in the slum of North Minneapolis start to expand out into the rest of the city. By 1967 the city even had a Jewish mayor. That set the niggers off though: now that Jews were using their economic skills (a small scale version of this old joke of mine from a few years back) to improve their lot in life that caused resentment from the unemployable-since-the-cotton-ginny crowd. Jewish businesses were firebombed, Jewish business owners were beaten, even a Jewish city councilor was Moltov-cocktailed. As with so many U.S. cities in the years after the Long Hot Summer the niggers got what they wished: even more of the city to themselves. Likewise as with so many U.S. cities in the years after the Long Hot Summer it turns out that without the whites and the Jews the economic prospects of the city dry up and the incompetent thugs left in charge can't maintain the lifestyle that they seem to think is inherent in a system and not built on the sweat of the entrepreneurs. So that's the story of how the city overall started its decent. But even that isn't the whole story: after all, 1968 to 1980 apparently was mostly a shifting of neighbourhoods rather than a wholesale abandonment of the city.

Then the scum from Somalia came to town. Again this is not unfamiliar territory: two years after violent Sudanese niggers caused death and destruction in Edmonton, violent Somali niggers caused death and destruction in Edmonton. Like the Vietnamese a generation earlier, refugees fleeing civil strife in their third world country brings their third world pathologies with them, and the humanitarian cry for the first world to "do something" (never a good idea) causes people to forget the quality of folks we're getting are rarely the top notch ones. In 1993 the United States began "assigning" Somali refugees to Minnesota thanks to lobbying by two far-left organizations (Lutheran Social Services and World Relief Minnesota). By 1996 "demographic shifts" caused by this Somali relocation and also in part by the state's excessively generous welfare payments had caused Minneapolis to exceed NYC in its murder rate.

As the U.S. as a whole sees its crime rates falling, Minneapolis has continued to trend in the opposite direction. The crimes in general are a veritable "who's who" of nigger crimes: assault, rape, burglaries have all been consistently double the U.S. average since 2002. Additionally you see some weirdo ones stemming from third world pathologies like arson which spiked in the mid-2000s and has been declining towards (but still double!) the U.S. average ever since.

As Gilbert Cavanaugh notes, despite setting up the statistics to provide little useful information Minneapolis blacks are 16 times more violent than the other races (even Red Indians). That in turn drives out more whites who in turn cause more economic downtown which drives out yet more whites. You can see that the population losses of the white flight era have been replaced mostly with Somali immigrants and their active reproductive systems. There has been a rebirth of whites into the city: much of it is hipster gentrification (ie. uranists) who are discovering that their so-called "allies" will burn their homes to the ground as well.

As one final aside, the Cavanaugh article discusses the aftermath of an incident where a black suspect was shot and killed:
Last year, for example, after a non-white police officer (Jeronimo Yanez) shot and killed a black suspect (Philando Castile), just about every state politician groveled:
  1. Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges: “My heart is heavy at the tragic death of Philando Castile, known to so many as a kind, caring man whom children loved.”
  2. Senator Al Franken: “I am horrified that we are forced to confront yet another death of a young African-American man at the hands of law enforcement.”
  3. Congressman Keith Ellison, whose district includes a big chunk of Minneapolis: ““We live in a world where certain Americans live in fear that their name will become a hashtag. It is not enough to say ‘Black Lives Matter.’ It’s time to make the system mean it.”
  4. Governor Mark Dayton : “Would this have happened if the driver were white, if the passengers were white? I don’t think it would have.” After a jury found Officer Yanez innocent, the governor proposed spending $12 million on “police training” in a program named for Castile.
Two years ago, the same governor said: “Minnesota is not like it was 30, 50 years ago . . . . If you are that intolerant, if you are that much of a racist or a bigot, then find another state . . . . Our economy cannot expand based on white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens.” (He was right about one thing; Minnesota doesn’t look like it used to, as I documented here.) Governor Dayton’s comments were in response to growing tension between Somalis and whites over Somali sympathy and material aid for ISIS, Somali violent crime such as the mass stabbing in a mall last year, and Somali welfare use. Shops now even put up signs saying they accept welfare — not just in Spanish but in Somali, too
You'd think the governor wouldn't want to accelerate white flight out of his rapidly collapsing jurisdiction...but then again, it almost seems to be a requirement to hold the office.

And now that Minnesota is bringing forth dangerous politicians like Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, don't think that things are likely to get any better.