The dark night of racial hatred is always descending on white supremacists and yet lands only on niggers

An Instagram post from the university’s NAACP chapter in November condemned the threatening graffiti as part of “supremacist” effort to terrorize members of their community.

“Such abhorrent acts do not reflect the core values of our community,” the university said in a statement. “As a University, SU remains resolute together and condemns any and all forms of hatred, racism, bigotry or supremacist ideology that seek to hurt, terrorize, bully or marginalize any members of our community.”

The incidents, meanwhile, gave white students an opportunity to share positive, racially healing messages on post-it notes in the affected areas.

In December, activists held a protest to demand “increased racial equity and justice on campus and the greater Salisbury community.” The protest was attended by hundreds of Salisbury students.

Classes were cancelled for a “day of healing” in February after threatening graffiti targeted black students with lynching. The school hosted healing events during the day of healing.
Whoops. 54 year old Jerome Kevin Jackson (not white) has been charged with "maliciously defacing property while exhibiting racial animosity". Police have not yet revealed a motive. Nobody has thought to ask University President Charles Wright, for some bizarre reason. How how about the local NAACP chapter?

They might have special insight.