Purportedly in order to allow for affirmative action (despite all the evidence it makes everybody worse off), California has proposed changing the State Constitution to allow racial discrimination.

If you think you read that wrong, you aren't alone. Jon Miltimore at the Foundation for Economic Education and Guy Birchall in RT both were equally credulous.

It's worth noting, of course, that a theoretical future California government could institute a "Black Lives Aren't Worth $10,000" bill mandating all employers cap black employees salaries at $9,999 per year and while it may fall afoul of federal regulations, if it happens to be in a state-regulated industry there will be no legal ability to block it through the courts.

Is this the "anti-racism" future they really want? Apparently so. As Miltimore puts it:
equality before the law is arguably the greatest pillar of a liberal society. It’s an idea that reaches back across time and civilizations, from philosophers like Guan Zhong (720 B.C. - 645 B.C.) to historians such as Thucydides, who at the funeral of Pericles stated, “If we look to the laws, they afford equal justice to all in their private differences; if to social standing, advancement in public life falls to reputation for capacity, class considerations not being allowed to interfere with merit; nor again does poverty bar the way.”

Equality before the law is at the heart of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the enumerated rights carved out by the General Assembly of the United Nations at its third session in 1948. In Article 7, it states clearly and proudly: "All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.”

To abandon such a principle is to abandon a cornerstone of the Enlightenment and classical liberalism, one of the greatest individual rights that has protected individuals from arbitrary rule and government abuse for centuries.
Zhong? Thucydides? 1948???? All just tossed aside in the "dead white male equals bad" brainless paradigm of these idiots. The measure has to go onto a ballot, but whether or not it will be successful it's important to remember that it even got this far.