It's like when Edmonton had concerts from Indie bands "Blame the Hero" and "Protest the Hero" in 2004

What's the weirder coincidence?

In 1980 Sheena Easton had a big hit with that "morning train" song you know from EuroTrip. However the actual name of the song is "9 to 5". You might be thinking you already know "9 to 5" as a song from Dolly Parton, and you are correct. Both were Billboard #1 songs, both came out in the year 1980. You may be thinking "9 to 5" must be a popular song name, but the only other songs with this title are the Lisa Stone cover of the Parton hit, and a British rapper named Lady Sovereign who had a #33 hit on the UK Singles Chart (it never made the Billboard Hot 100). In other words, in the entire history of the recording industry both "9 to 5" hits came out in 1980.

It's probably about as weird as The Avengers, the horrible 1998 big screen version of the British TV classic spy drama. Or more specifically, how Emma Peel's evil clone (played by Uma Thurman) dresses in a giant teddy bear suit. You may recall giant teddy bear suits being part of the scheme in the original Pink Panther film...or possibly Batman and Robin, the horrible 1997 big screen version of the American TV classic superhero comedy. In that movie, Poison Ivy (played by Uma Thurman) dresses in a giant teddy bear suit.

I mean sure we had two volcano disaster movies in the same year, two animated ant movies in the same year, two Die Hard White House movies in the same year, two President's daughter ditches secret service and falls in love as a commoner movies on the same day, and two big budget CGI Hercules movies in the same year. But these coincidences are just weird.