This day in (blog) history

Ten years ago today I compared Taylor Hall and Taylor Lautner.

So this is a good time to tell my Taylor Hall/Jason Strudwick story.

Years ago Martok and I were out drinking on Whyte Ave on weekend night, having a good time, drinking beers and crushing pussy, all that fun stuff. Anyways I think we were calling it an early night, it was sometime before 2am when we went to Funky Pickle for a bite of late night eating. As usual I waited until a good pizza came along (something with lots of meat and absolutely no artichoke hearts or creamed corn) so we were in there for a little longer than usual. On our way out Martok asked me if I'd noticed who was in the pizza place with us. It was Oilers 4th liner Jason Strudwick.

This is a live photo we took at the time. It has not been digitally altered.
We were walking past a smoker who informed us that Jason Strudwick had been inside Funky Pickle for hours hitting on everything with legs, and without success. It was a funny little story and we never would have thought anything of it except for what happened next. We continued westbound past the abandoned lot which is now the Raymond Block, and just after we passed the Tim Hortons (I can't remember if we passed Scotiabank or not) we came across this asian kid coming the other way. Mere minutes after finding out about Jason Strudwick unsuccessfully picking up fatties at the Funky Pickle, he excitedly tells us about other Oilers out and about:
I just saw Taylor Hall drive by in a limo and he had two hot blondes on either side of him!
Artists representation, obviously. Not a real photo.

You've perhaps heard of the old baseball adage that home run hitters drive Cadillacs and singles hitters drive Fords. This is the Edmonton Puckbunny version of that adage: Hart-candidate first liners get limos with blondes, 4th line grinders strike out at the Funky Pickle.