Antifa can take my knee in their tiny balls

Rex Murphy finally speaks out on L'Affaire du Rex Murphy: (emphasis mine)

Finally, on the matter of my own minor turmoil about Canada. The editors judged the column was poorly edited.

I disagree with their judgment, yet have no problem with them holding it, and publishing it. I had no problem with a column criticizing mine appearing in the Post soon after.

My view, however, is that the edit was fine, the piece said what I wanted it to say and therefore all and any flack, such as there be, comes home to me, and me only.

Finally, as there seems to be a tad of curiosity on this point, I stand by the column. I will not apologize for it; nor apologize for any part of it, word, comma or space between words. I will even stand for the semicolons.

And for those who wish to jump on it — feel free, knock yourself out, as a friend of mine puts it. I’ll even set up a trampoline to give a little extra height on the jumps, and provide cushions for those (likely many) who miss their bounce.