Innisfail is awesome (except for the mayor, he sucks)

Well, looks like we all spoke too soon...now even Innisfail and Vegreville and being shamed into having #BlackLivesMatter protests. This is the worst thing to happen to small-town Alberta since those faggot lines got painted on the crosswalks in Sylvan Lake.

Already Innisfail's mayor has been pressured by the woke mob to apologize for his "hateful" comments (ie. the truth). Innisfail Town Council has endorsed the protest. Jim Romane's pathetic statements are worthy of being framed:
“We support it on the basis that we don’t want to be a racist community and it is going to be our goal to not be a racist community,” said Romane. “We passed a resolution at that special meeting to clarify that and will be starting dialogue with people in the community and get to the bottom of these racism claims and see what we can do to reverse those situations.

“I don’t know. It is going to be a tough battle. There is a certain amount of racism in every community. I don’t think Innisfail is probably any worse than any other small town but there is obviously some that has (been) brought to someone’s attention,” said Romane, conceding he made a recent mistake of stating publicly he wasn’t aware of any longstanding racism. “It makes me look like a dummy now,” said the mayor.
Look, we all know that small town councils are far more left-wing than the populations that make them up. But this takes the cake. Romane noted that "racism" has never ever ever once been an issue for the town, so why go through all this nonsense? Because they're worried about bad writeups in the Huffington Post? Let them bleat about it, by this time tomorrow Rex Murphy will have written a new column and everybody will move onto the next thing.

Innisfail and area residents don't have to take this lying down though: it won't take many people counter-protesting before these thugs are chased out of town. I strongly encourage everybody to pick either the Innisfail or Vegreville protests on Saturday and fight back. And yes, you may literally have to.