Red Indian victim shames the cops he assaulted

Allan Adam, corrupt chief of the Athabasca Chipewyan tribe, claims he was mistreated by the police during an escape attempt.

Okay he leaves that bit out, you have to suss out the details.

Adam told a news conference that he was beaten by RCMP officers and that his wife was manhandled in March when police stopped him for an expired licence plate outside a casino in Fort McMurray.
Adam said a police vehicle pulled up behind his truck while he was moving a child seat at around 2 a.m. on March 10. He said he asked the officer why police were harassing him and told him who he was, and he said he told the officer he would raise the matter with his superior.
Wait, you claimed harassment when you were stopped with an expired license plate?
"Even when you tell the story you sound like a crazy man"

Years and years ago my buddy and I both picked up these two girls at the bar who turned out to also be friends. The driver (named Jill, my friends' girl) was taking us to her place for some after bar drinking and all that assorted stuff. Along the drive we were pulled over by the cops. Because this was the mid-90s Jill wasn't checked for drunk driving (I think she was okay, I've definitely driven worse), but she was rather roughly hauled out of the pickup and shoved against the hood and instantly handcuffed. I remember her name because my friend kept laughing when he found out about the problem screaming "you're a fucking idiot Jlll! Jill you're such a fucking idiot!" Jill ended up arrested, the car was impounded, my buddy took a cab home, and I went to my girls' house (I forget her name) and I got to fondle her a bit when she passed out on the couch around 4am. Oh the 90s.

Anyways the point of this story is that Jill's crime was an expired license plate. The same crime as Adam. So why was he harassed? Uh, because of that.
Adam said he made his way back into his truck where his wife was at the wheel, and that he told her that they weren't allowed to go anywhere. He said she put the truck into drive, and then the officer began knocking on the window.

More officers arrived during an ensuing altercation, and Adam said one of the officers "just gave me a, what you would call in the wrestling world, a clothesline" and that he fought to maintain consciousness.
Notice the CBC's use of passive voice? "During an ensuing alternation". You know how it works, you're just kicking around the house and then an altercation pops up...possibly caused by his wife (apparently) attempting to escape a casino parking lot at 2am in expired plates.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said the issue of systemic racism in policing is long-standing and needs addressing.
No "systemic racism" is evident here. Jill wasn't the victim of "systemic racism" even though she was complying for the same offense.