Hey woke mob, go look at David Mitchell

The woke elites have launched a Cultural Revolution. They must be stopped.

Brendan O'Neill writes about this newest cultural revolution:

The speed with which protests over the murder of George Floyd morphed into a war on the past has been staggering. The mob’s toppling of the statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol was the noisiest, most visible victory so far for the new Cultural Revolution. They’ve moved on swiftly. The appetite for erasure seems insatiable.

Last night, a crowd in Oxford demanded the destruction of the likeness of Cecil Rhodes at Oriel College. In an effort to keep the woke wolf from the door, the Museum of London Docklands took down a statue of slave trader Robert Milligan yesterday. The Woke Guards are circulating a list of the next evil bronze and stone entities that must be swept aside. It includes statues of globally significant historical figures. Sir Francis Drake, Christopher Columbus. Purge them, erase them. Britain’s neo-Maoist cousins in the US have already made short shrift of Columbus: yesterday in Richmond, Virginia a mob tore down his statue, set it on fire, and threw it in a lake. Their fervour and madness are easily a match for the most committed Red Guards who swept China for ‘unacceptable’ artifacts in the late 1960s.

He notes that the violent black mob, along with being retarded, is also sexist:
When a statue can’t be toppled, it is abused. Churchill’s monument in Westminster was spray-painted with the word ‘racist’. Even Abraham Lincoln, who fought a war to end slavery, did not escape the mob’s grafitti. Well, he’s a white man, thus evil. In Leeds, the statue of Queen Victoria was defaced, including with the spraying of pink paint on her breasts and crotch, bringing to mind the extra element of sexual humiliation – hair-cutting, the confiscation of clothes – that China’s Red Guards would visit upon women who dared to possess incorrect thoughts.
Now I've heard of "Little Britain". Never watched it, didn't seem like something I'd enjoy.
The fervour for erasure is not limited to statues. Incorrect art and entertainment is expunged, too. Yesterday the BBC and Netflix cast into the memory hole old episodes of Little Britain because they feature white actors occasionally dressing up as black people. Leigh Francis (aka Keith Lemon) tried to placate the Woke Guards by issuing an emotional apology for his past mimicking of famous black people. Aussie comic Chris Lilley, who has also played non-white characters, will be next. His ‘massively outdated comedies’ must be razed too, says one compliant cheerleader of the new Cultural Revolution. They won’t stop there.
Well since the woke mob has already eaten Wendy Mesley, the vapid CBC host who only got her job by sleeping with Peter Mansbridge. The same Wendy Mesley who was a key participant in the CBC hatchet job against Maxime Bernier last year during the election.

So if there's any silver lining to all this madness, those who have been feeding this monster have also been fed to it. So in that case, I would like to make my own contribution:


The famous British leftist who demands higher taxes because of climate change (don't worry if you can't afford them, not his problem) has also famously worn blackface. Sure it was as a joke, but it was also anti-Muslim so with the woke mobs in constant search for a new target, let's give them one: